90s Dance Songs That Will Transport You Back to Your Childhood

90S Dance Songs :Not simply because of all the wonderful memories you have from your youth, but also because of something about the 1990s that will never fade.



This era included such a wide diversity of music, which resulted in innumerable timeless hits! And now that we have them at our fingertips whenever we want them too? No matter if a song was played on an outdated radio station or a tape player, we can always locate the song that best suits us today (even though there were so many better options back then).

Top 90S Dance Songs

1. Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”

Released on July 20, 1998

Its one of the best 90S Dance Songs: Stardust was a French house trio and the side project of Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk. As it turned out, their single song, “Music Sounds Better With You,” became one of the most popular dance songs ever as well as one of the biggest dance songs of the decade.

The mellow song borrows a guitar riff from a Chaka Khan classic. It’s ideal for many kinds of occasions thanks to its mid-tempo feel. The group broke up right away because they felt the song evoked a sense of “magic and mystery.”

Watch the song’s endearing, nostalgic video to learn more. One of the all-time greatest dance tunes from the 1990s.

2. Daft Punk, Around the World

Released on April 7, 1997

90S Dance Songs:One of the most well-known dance music artists of the 1990s and beyond is Daft Punk. In 1993, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo created a duo.

With the rise of the French house movement, they experienced tremendous success at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. They later became into one of the most recognizable dance music acts ever.

One of the songs that first made Daft Punk famous was “Around the World.” The song’s straightforward disco groove, humorous Michel Gondry-directed music video, and vocal effects all contributed to the duo’s rise to stardom.

3. Born Slippy

Underworld NUXX

Released on: July 1, 1996

90S Dance Songs:’Born Slippy.NUXX,’ a dance music classic that was featured in the movie Trainspotting, propelled Underworld to worldwide recognition.

The song, which deals with alcoholism and is among the list’s most experimental in many aspects, is about the disease. Vocalist Karl Hyde aimed with fractured, impressionistic lyrics to portray the darker aspect of addiction.

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The song, which combined extremely harsh techno beats with ethereal synths and droning vocals, had an experimental feel, but it ended up becoming an anthem for a generation.

4. Armand Van Helden ft. Duane Harden, “You Don’t Know Me”

Released on January 25, 1999

90S Dance Songs:The song “You Don’t Know Me,” produced by American Armand Van Helden and featuring Duane Harden’s singing abilities, was a bit of a one-hit-wonder.

The song’s empowering lyrics and hard-hitting house beat helped it become a late-’90s dance staple. In addition to reaching the top 10 in Europe, it peaked at number one on the UK singles chart and number two on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music chart.

Although the song is occasionally disregarded, it is nonetheless a subtle classic of the time.

5. ATB’s “9 pm (Till I Come)”

Released on: October 26, 1998

90S Dance Songs:This list avoids the cornier dance songs from the 1990s, but because ATB’s “9 pm” was such a massive smash, it had to be included.

The German producer ATB (André Tanneberger) created the iconic trance track, which features vocals by Yolanda Rivera. The track’s signature riff, a pitch-bending pipe organ hook, has been sampled numerous times by different dance music creators.

6. Sleeplessness – Faithless

Released on November 27, 1995

One of the most well-known acts in 90s dance song is Faithless. The group’s biggest success, Insomnia, is also one of the most popular dance songs from the 1990s.

Sister Bliss, Rollo, and Maxi Jazz created the group in London in 1994, and Maxi Jazz provided the group’s distinctive vocals.

Clubgoers who frequently suffered from insomnia as a result of drug use found resonance in the lyrics, particularly the refrain “I can’t get no sleep.”

Before the enormous, trance-like synth is dropped, the song builds up a lot of suspense. Underworld’s song “Born Slippy,” which employs a similar lengthy build, served as an inspiration for the way the track was constructed.

7. Fatboy Slim’s Praise You

Released on January 4, 1999

The alias of British producer Norman Cook is Fatboy Slim. His distinct dance music is a prime example of “big beat” — the extensive usage of breakbeats, as heard in “Right Here, Right Now” and “Praise You.”

The tracks by artists like the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy have been referred to as having “huge beats.” One of the greatest dance tunes of the 1990s, “Praise You,” is a fantastic illustration of this.

His 1998 album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby, which received widespread praise from critics, became a classic of the time and of the big beat genre.

8. Robin S.’s “Show Me, Love,”

Released on October 13, 1990

Show Me, Love, by Robin S, the first song on this list was a song that defined a decade.

The song, which was released by American vocalist Robyn Stone, was quite popular in the UK and other parts of Europe.

The song features a traditional house beat, slick but gritty vocals, and a synth line that essentially personifies 90s house. An undisputed 90s dance music classic.

9. Robert Miles’ Children

Availability: January 1995

The dancing classic “Children” by Robert Miles is instantly recognizable. His “dream house” remix of the song, which features a characteristic piano riff and trance beat, is the most popular rendition of the song.

Miles mentioned two sources as the track’s inspirations. First, he expressed his reaction to images of young Yugoslav war victims whom his father had returned from a charity trip with. The second track was designed to calm down racegoers after the conclusion of DJ performances in order to prevent vehicle accidents.

The renowned Italian DJ and producer passed away at the age of 47 from cancer in 2017. He leaves behind the legacy of having written one of the greatest dance songs of all time, as well as one of the best dance music compositions ever.

10. Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo

Released on March 22, 1999

French producer Mr. Oizo created a masterpiece of techno with “Flat Beat.” Mr. Oizo, real name Quentin Dupieux, not only created this timeless dance music from the 1990s, but he is also a renowned director. A misspelling of the French word for bird, oiseau, is Mr. Oizo.

The Fatback Band song “Put Your Love in My Tender Care” is sampled in the track, which Dupeiux claims only took him two hours to create.

The song and “Flat Eric,” a yellow puppet that also appears in the song’s infamous music video, were both used in multiple Levi’s ads. One of everyone’s favorite dancing tracks from the 1990s!

11. Red Alert by Basement Jaxx

Released on: April 19, 1999

The British duo Basement Jaxx produced a number of outstanding dance tunes in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. The duo’s moniker is derived from a night they established in Brixton in 1994.

As Daft Punk’s tour support act, Basement Jaxx began to gain widespread recognition. As they released succeeding singles in the late 1990s and early 2000s, their popularity rose.

With its slap-pop bass line and frantic energy, “Red Alert” is an incredibly classic and unquestionably the best dance song from the 1990s.

12. Firestarter by Prodigy

Released on: March 18, 1996

Nothing is more recognizable than Prodigy’s “Firestarter.” The track reached the top of the charts in the UK, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, and Norway. Their punk style and sound proved inspirational.

The group referred to itself as “electronic punk,” however songs like “Firestarter” and “Breathe” unmistakably show a dance influence that is strongly influenced by big beats.

Out of the top 100 UK number ones of all time, The Guardian rated the song at number eight. A deserving honor for one of the most enduring dance tracks from the 1990s.

13. Chemical Brothers, “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”

Released on May 31, 1999

The Chemical Brothers are an electronic music duo that was founded in Manchester in 1989 and has since become one of the largest dance music success stories in the UK.

One of the duo’s best songs to date is “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” Acid-house, trance, and techno are clearly influences on the song’s threatening vibe. Even the oddly ridiculous American vocal sample has held up well over time.


One of the best dance tracks of the 1990s, with a totally catchy beat.


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