90s Family Movies

90s family movies

One of the most cherished 90s family movies is “The Sandlot,” which is about a bunch of baseball-loving buddies.

90s family movies

90s family movies

If you were a child of the 1990s, you are aware of how different modern film making is from that of the past. Have there been any outstanding movies recently? Yes (see also: oh, we’re getting old). But when it comes to films that the entire family can appreciate, ’90s family films are unquestionably the best. It used to be exciting (and occasionally terrifying) to go to a video store on a Friday night with your family and choose a movie for movie night. And since there weren’t as many options to watch on Netflix, Disney+, or other streaming services, you had to make a sensible decision because you’d probably wind yourself watching it over and over all weekend and memorizing the funniest scenes. What a wonderful moment to be alive!

The following list of recommendations spans a wide range of genres. Some will make you laugh, some will make you weep, and most of the time they’ll make you do both. They have a wide variety of genres, which is kind of the hallmark of a great ’90s movie. You’ll note that animated films aren’t on this list. Unfortunately, neither the time nor the space allow for a comprehensive exploration of the decade’s magnificent animated masterpieces.

90s best family movies

The best family movies from the 1990s are listed here, so read on without further ado. How else are you going to show them what the good old days were like, after all?

1. Babe (1995) (1995)

90s family movies Babe running in a scene from the family movie Babe from the 1990s.

Did a talking animal appear in every movie from the 1990s? It seems that way. Although there are many excellent movies on the relationship between a person and their pet, Babe is the original. It tells the story of a young piglet from a county fair who aspires to be a sheepdog and meets both allies and enemies on the farm along the way, most notably his farmer Arthur Hogget. Even though Babe experiences a lot in the film, he survives, so overall, everything has a happy ending. In fact, I was so thrilled that they made sequels (in case your kids get attached to the little guy). Babe: A Pig in the City, a 1998 film, followed the titular pig and Hogget away from the farm.

2. Onward and upward (1993)

90s family movies in the family movie “Homeward Bound” from the 1990s, three animals set out to find their owners.

This movie might not be suitable for your child if they are really sensitive. Homeward Bound occasionally becomes overly sentimental but is overall a charming family film that people of all ages will like. Three pets are at the centre of the story: Snarky, a sassy cat, Chance, a bulldog who is exuberant (voiced by Michael J. Fox), Shadow, a wise old golden retriever, and Chance (voiced by Sally Field). When their owner’s family takes a trip, they are all dropped off at a friend’s house. However, as the three begin to panic and fear that they have been abandoned forever, they have a talk and then set out on the road, hiking through the woods to find their way back home.

3. Beethoven (1992)

90s family movies in the popular family film “Beethoven” from the 1990s, the mischievous St. Bernard is the center of attention.

See? All of the movies from the 1990s seem to be animal-centric. In this story, a slobbering St. Bernard intrudes on a family and, despite the father’s initial opposition, the rest of the family falls in love with him and decides to adopt him. Over time, Beethoven (who is voiceless) manages the home and grows to be a cherished part of the family. Beethoven must fight for his life when a cruel veterinarian and some nasty dog-kidnappers (one of whom is played by Stanley Tucci, bonus!) attempt to put him to death. The popularity of this picture with children has spawned four sequels as well as three other stand-alone movies based on the huge dog.

4. The Sandlot (1993)

90s family movies In the family film “The Sandlot” from the 1990s, a group of boys play baseball together and develop strong friendships.

The Sandlot is one of the most recognizable movies from the 1990s and chronicles the tale of a bunch of young boys who hang out one summer. Of course, they play baseball, battle a terrible neighbor dog that pursues them at all times, and shamelessly flirt with the older lifeguards at the neighborhood pool. Any family in *any* decade should watch this coming-of-age tale. If only to clarify your meaning when you tell Smalls, “You’re killing me,” to your children.

5. Flubber (1997)

90s family movies the late, great Robin Williams appears in the 1990s family movie “Flubber.”

The late great Robin Williams, a comic genius, produced a number of well-liked films in the 1990s. There are many options, but Flubber is a terrific place to start, particularly if you have young children. He plays a mad scientist who invents Flubber, a rubbery substance, in the movie. He becomes overly enthusiastic about it to the point where he misses his own wedding to his lover (Marcia Gay Harden), and he ultimately uses the flubber to win her back, with different degrees of success.

6. Harriet the Spy,(1996)

90s family movies Not like the typical sixth-grader, Harriet is. She is aware of her desire to work as a spy. She meticulously logs everything in her private journal, even the antics of her two closest friends and classmates. But when someone gets their hands on her journal, the entire sixth-grade class starts to turn against her. Therefore, Harriet comes up with a plan of action to eliminate her peers.

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