Popular 90s Hairstyles for Women

The 1990s are making a major comeback. And this goes beyond the realm of style. The “Rachel” cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character, the “middle part” made popular by Claire Danes in My So-Called Life, and other accessories from the era, such as scrunchies and butterfly clips, are all making a comeback.

90s Hairstyles women


The Rachel

90s hairstyles women: When discussing hairstyles of the 1990s, Rachel must inevitably be mentioned. This look, made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character, is one of our favorites from the decade. The cut has cascading layers that frame the face. Layers are now shorter, and a fringe has been added to the modern form.

Butterfly Clamps

90s hairstyles for women: Butterfly clips are a fun way to add a touch of the 1990s to your hair, and we love them. Feel free to experiment with a wide range of hues, or to choose those that complement your hair. You can use them to tame your fringe, secure your ponytail or pigtails, or adorn a feature braid.

Pinch-Cut Hair

90s hairstyles women: Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls have been spotted recently sporting the crimped hairstyle that was popular in the 1990s. Use larger crimps and plan them out: keep the roots smooth and crimp only the ends or pull back your hair into a ponytail and crimp the ends, then bind with hairspray for a trendy style.

Baby Powder

90s hairstyles for women: In any discussion of 1990s fashion, the Spice Girls are inevitable. I’m talking about Baby Spice’s signature high pigtails and bangs. Change up your pigtail look by crimping, twisting, or wearing them straight. One of our favorite throwbacks looks from the ’90s, we love this cut and color for spring.

There Was a Big Splat!

90s hairstyles women: No one wore swoop bangs better in the ’90s than Aaliyah, a pop princess who ruled the charts. The swoop has made a significant comeback. What’s with the updated take on things? Full of sheen and flipped over smoothly, done in a half ponytail.

Tiny Scale Fringe

90s hairstyles women: Micro fringe, a hairstyle commonly associated with the grunge movement of the 1990s, is currently enjoying a renaissance. Need a dramatic change to your locks? Use a very small fringe. You can wear these bangs with either straight or wavy hair; just keep the grease at bay with a dry shampoo.

Intricate Braids That Frame the Face

90s hairstyles for women: Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Beiber have been spotted today sporting a hairdo that is reminiscent of the 1990s and features loose bits of hair in the front braided into tiny braids. Try a hairdo reminiscent of the 1990s by leaving off two sections of your updo and braiding them.

Bob, the Blunt

90s hairstyles women: The Drew Barrymore bob from the ’90s is another throwback style that has recently made a comeback. The modern version is shorter and has a more weathered look than the original did. Simply tuck one side behind your ear, and you’re good to go; if necessary, use a light hair oil to tame any flyaway.

Core Context

Who could forget the episode of My So-Called Life when Angela Chase dyed her hair red and parted it down the middle? A middle part will never go out of style. It has an air of refined sophistication combined with a certain raw edge. If you want to recreate the sleek and shiny look of the 1990s, an anti-frizz serum will come in handy.

Curly Bangs

Feathered bangs were a common hairstyle for 90s TV characters. This was the look that all the cool girls of the ’90s sported, from Kelly Bundy to Kelly Kapowski. These feathery bangs are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. For further information on how to arrange your curtain bangs, read this.

Hair Ties

We’re happy to see the scrunchie, another adorable ’90s hair accessory, making a comeback. The scrunchie is a reliable accessory whether you choose a loud design or sophisticated velvet. You can tie your scrunchie around a high pony, low pony, top knot, or braid.

Buzz Cut

The pixie cut made famous by Halle Berry in the 1990s was one of the most recognizable short hairstyles of that decade. And the momentum continues unabated. You can wear the pixie cut straight, curly, parted to the side, or slicked down, but a dry molding wax is essential for any of these looks.

Celebrities of the ’90s were known for their love of statement hair accessories, particularly clips. These included large floral clips, bright barrettes, and giant metallics. If you want to channel a retro 1990s look, try accessorizing your locks with a bold hair clip.

Blown a gasket, Bob

The flipped-out bob made famous by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is another unavoidable aspect of 90s fashion. There’s just something timeless about flipped ends and a center part; for a contemporary take, leave yours undone and lived-in, and define your pieces with a texturizing spray.

Floating Braids

Get a taste of the 1990s all over again with bubble braid pigtails. The bubble appearance can be achieved by securing clear hair elastics around pigtails and then pulling out the hair. Let the bubbles smooth your hair or give it a tousled appearance.

Bold Accents

For this trend, we return to the Spice Girls, but this time we focus on Ginger. Her face was framed by a band of thick, strategically placed highlights. The big highlights of today are dispersed throughout the hair for a more natural (but no less stunning) appearance. Have a Davines stylist help you choose your ideal hairstyle and use color-safe products to keep your new hues looking fresh.

Tightly Woven Braids

Think Janet Jackson and Brandy if you want to picture the 1990s. These braids not only complement a lob or shoulder-length haircut but also look modern and fresh. If you really want to channel the 1990s, try weaving a contrasting ribbon through your pleats.


One of the most popular styles of the ’90s was pigtails. Attributable, at the very least in part, to Britney Spears and her groundbreaking “Baby One More Time” music video. As we’re sure you’ve seen, pigtails have recently made a comeback in the fashion world. This hairstyle from the 1990s is making a comeback, in many forms such as ponytails and French braids.

Ringlets, Laid-Out

Cultural icons from the 1990s include Mariah Carey and her signature layered ringlets. Her trademark style—voluminous, naturally tight curls—is back in vogue. If you have curly hair, rocking this look is a cinch; if you don’t, check out our prior piece for some helpful hints.

Waving Fingers

It’s no secret that we’re still obsessed with the finger waves of the ’90s (made popular by artists like Missy Elliott and Nia Long). In addition, these waves are a cinch to duplicate. To achieve this look, apply a firm hold gel all over your hair, then comb it into an S shape, resting a finger in the groove you’ve created.

Conclusion of 90s hairstyles women

In this article 90s hairstyles women, Those do-it-yourself hairstyles from the ’90s are back in style. Select your preferred hairdo, stock up on your go-to Davines products, and time travel to the 1990s!

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