90s kid’s fashion

90s kid’s fashion: This list will undoubtedly resonate with anyone who was a child in Ireland throughout the 1990s.

90s kid’s fashion

90s kid’s fashion

Top 90s kids’ fashion trends

Here are the top fashion trends that any Irish child who grew up in the 1990s will remember.

90s kids’ Fashion is subject to perpetual change, much like other fads, and, in all honesty, it often makes a complete comeback when we least expect it.

Although we don’t blame you, some of these fashion trends that all Irish youngsters of the 1990s will remember you may never want to see or wear again.

Looking back, these pieces seemed to be here to stay, along with the many others we 90s youngsters wore. After all, fads are named trends for a reason.

So stay tuned as we count down the top five fashion things that all Irish 90s youngsters will remember if you’re up for a good chuckle and a journey down fashion memory lane.

When in doubt, wear a skirt and a pair of pants

90s kids’ fashion One of the fashion trends that all Irish 90s youngsters will remember is the trouser and skirt ensemble.

Fortunately for you guys, you never had to wear this dubious fashion choice, but it was hugely popular with the gals.

The pants and skirt ensemble persisted for a while and was widely available in high-end stores and clothing markets. They might also be worn with the dashing belly top, another article of clothing from the 1990s that all Irish youth will remember.

Structure of the skirt and pant

The basic structure of the skirt and pants set was a pair of trousers with an attached skirt that wrapped around the waist and could be fastened with a tie or zipper. When bands like B*Witched, Steps, and S Club Seven were spotted sporting them, they were at the height of the trend.

A stylish faux pas: Adidas button-up tracksuit bottoms

90s kids’ fashion these are undoubtedly among the stylish items that all Irish children of the 1990s will remember. At the height of the vogue, everyone was sporting them because they were a unisex fashion accessory.

However, because the buttons could be readily ripped apart by anyone looking to make fun of you, they were a risky item to wear to “no uniform” school days.

Adidas button-up tracksuit pants were typically worn with some runners, a hoodie, and a t-shirt

This pattern recently returned to haunt us. When it was reintroduced, it was intended to be worn primarily as an evening outfit with heels.

Light up runners: the inspiration of our youth

90s kids Fashion One of the fashion staples that all Irish children of the 1990s will remember is light-up trainers.

One another of the unisex clothing things that all Irish children of the 1990s would recall. We Irish kids used to adore wearing the flashing shoes.

We felt we were the best people ever when we had a pair of these sneakers on.

We must all recall getting our first pair of these as children in Ireland in the 1990s. They were nearly always included on Christmas lists.

We were so delighted to be walking around with these bad boys on, but they weren’t meant to last. As a result, it was obvious that we would have to say goodbye when the lights stopped flashing for good or begin saving for a new pair, which would take a very long time for a child.

Bum bags are one of our favorite useful items

90s kids Fashion This is a product that we adored when we were younger, despised as adults, and then started to adore once more.

Yes, the bum bag is back, and even in 2021, they are widely worn on many waists of all ages and can be seen in every store.

It’s a useful thing, after all. So perhaps we shouldn’t be so dismayed that this matter has come to light after all these years.

Bomber jackets, a staple of Irish youth culture from the 1990s

90s kids Fashion Even if we didn’t have one of these ourselves, we most likely knew someone who did. Bomber jackets came in a variety of colors.

Remember, the 1990s were all about vivid colors and bizarre patterns. The loose fabric, front zip, and short collar of bomber jackets combined to create a 90s trend we will never forget.

Naturally, bomber jackets have been popular for a long time and are still in style now. But if we saw a bomber jacket from the 1990s, we’d know it immediately. These are most likely the 90s goods we love and remember best.

What a crazy journey across time that was. All Irish 90s youngsters will remember these five articles of clothing, we’re certain of it.


Given that some fashions are coming back, some of us may have even preserved some of these items as keepsakes and may now consider upcycling them. Some things, though, we can just ignore, so let’s save these memories for their pure amusement value.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What did kids wear in the 1990s?

’90s kids’ fashion

Kids wore bold colors, printed shirts, bucket hats, scrunchies, and striped shirts in the 1990s.

2. What makes 1990s fashion so appealing?

We experience a common nostalgia that keeps us coming back for some reason. Perhaps it’s because ’90s fashion emphasized wearing casual, enjoyable clothing. Or perhaps it was because there was something for everyone: tank tops, cargo shorts, Capri trousers, small sunglasses, sheer materials, and excessive amounts of satin.


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