The Most Memorable 90s Kids Movies

90s kids movies: If you had the good fortune to grow up during the 1990s, you already know that it was pretty much the greatest decade ever.

90s kids movies

We had Blockbuster and Giga Pets instead of iPhones and Instagram. We passed our days playing Yo-Yo, trading Pokémon cards, collecting Beanie Babies, and listening to CDs on our Walkmen. Don’t even bother debating which boy band was better, N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys—we all know it was N*SYNC.

We all grew up watching some of the best 90s kids movies ever, which is something that 90s kids can agree on. We continue to appreciate them as adults in both their original and live-action reboots and remakes because they are that fantastic. Even now, several of them are receiving sequels!

Even though we aren’t watching them on VHS anymore, we still value these movies because they helped shape our formative years. Here are the top 15 examples.

The Best 90s Kids Movies

The Sandlot

90s kids movies You can tell you were a 90s kid if you still exclaim, “You’re killing me, Smalls!” even though you didn’t grow up hearing it. Every shot of the iconic film The Sandlot features the boys, who measure their summer in baseball games, fake-drowning antics, and dodging the biggest dog since Beethoven. They were the buddies you either had or wanted to have, and stories about their experiences together still circulate today. They most notably taught us the drawbacks of chewing tobacco prior to roller coaster rides.


90s kids movies Aladdin was a Disney Renaissance animated picture before it became a Broadway musical or a live-action remake. With its music, magic, and larger-than-life Genie, it charmed us and sent us to a completely different world called Agrabah. Aladdin brought us to places we’d never been before and made us seriously consider what our three wishes would be if we ever came upon a magic lamp. Sure, we might have been a little afraid when Jafar transformed into a huge snake. (At the moment, we’d like the animated show to stream on Disney Plus.)

Lost in New York, from Home Alone and Home Alone 2. (Tied)

90s kids movies we enjoy seeing Kevin McCallister eliminate the bad guys, whether he is booby-trapping his home or improvising in New York City. We can’t even be angry that his parents abandoned him at home once more (how does that happen, really?). Not with how entertaining it is to still watch Harry and Marv get hit with paint cans. Kevin is undoubtedly the smartest and most resourceful individual of his generation. He boldly defended himself against burglars, something that all suburban youngsters dreaded, and meticulously planned out his strategy. The fact that the young man continues to rule television throughout the holidays is not surprising because he is a badass.

The Lion King

90s kids movies we owe a debt of gratitude to The Lion King for being the first Disney movie to teach us about the cruelties of life, even though we haven’t fully recovered from Mufasa’s passing. It provided us a first-person view of the circle of life and taught us how to take control of our destinies in the midst of difficulty by balancing tragedy and comedy. After that, we were eager to rule and will always be as appreciative of the soundtrack as Timon and Pumbaa. Additionally, Rafiki whacking those hyenas with his rain stick will always smack.

Hocus Pocus

90s kids movies There will never be a finer Halloween movie than Hocus Pocus, I believe we all agree as 90s kids. The original is simply too excellent to be topped, despite the highly anticipated sequel being on the way. Before we knew what a virgin was, we adored this movie and couldn’t wait to get to the dance sequence so we could hear Bette Midler sing “I Put a Spell on you” once more. The fact that Freeform has established a practise of airing it nonstop on Halloween is evidence of the film’s ongoing power over us. Despite this, we won’t be setting a black-flamed candle on fire anytime soon.

The Pagemaster

90s kids movies It was difficult not to appreciate the grand adventure that was The Pagemaster as a child, even if you didn’t read much. Is Macaulay Culkin being sucked up by a paint typhoon and transformed into a cartoon? Talking books that guided him beyond literary hurdles and back into the outside world? This movie took us on the most extraordinary travels, introducing us to both famous literary characters and completely new ones. It even inspired us to think about borrowing a book from the library someday. Such a thing could only be controlled by a true master of the page.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie

90s kids movies Every child in the 1990s was familiar with a particular Power Ranger, and when we weren’t busy acting out all of their biggest battles on the playground, we were either playing the Super Nintendo game or watching them on television. We weren’t sure what to do with ourselves when their debut film was released. new abilities? brand-new animal coins? A VAN OOZE? The very definition of epic, it was. In addition, the movie gave us some advice on how to believe in ourselves, and the Rangers’ theme song will always make our hearts skip a beat. (Yes, we are still looking for a villain to rival Ivan Ooze in delectable evilness.)

A Goofy Movie

90s kids movies At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced parental embarrassment, but not to the same degree as Max Goof. The worst-case scenario while attempting to be cool and impress the girl of your dreams is that the unfortunate guy is the son of the clumsiest idiot of all. Our hearts exploded with happiness when Max finally got to dance onstage at the Powerline concert because we could so easily relate to his sentiments for Roxanne. You can quiz us on our knowledge of the lyrics of “After Today,” “Stand Out,” or “I 2 I.” (We do.)


90s kids movies This Robin Williams-led journey has just one flaw: the real-life board game doesn’t come to life the way it does in the movie. Jumanji, which came out in 1995, was maybe the most thrilling film any of us had ever seen, aside from that. The tale was so compelling that it was made into a series in 2019 with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and eventually Jumanji: The Next Level, even if the visual effects may not have stood the test of time. How shall we put it? It’s a term with a lot of impact. We know exactly what kind of journey we’re in for when those dice get tossed, whether we’re entering the game’s world or seeing it erupt into ours.

Toy Story

90s kids movies When Pixar first released Toy Story in 1995, it was impossible to know how historic our first viewing would be. All we knew was that Buzz Lightyear was the coolest toy ever, Woody was a little riled up, and we adored their adventures as they sought to return to Andy. This movie was a cinematic triumph not simply because of the ground-breaking computer animation, but also because of the talking toys and the oddly relatable issues they had to deal with. It goes without saying that Woody and Buzz made the world a better place, and their first journey heralded a great new era in animated storytelling.


90s kids movies Acting as if you have never wiggled your finger at something in hopes of making it move is not realistic. We all wished we had telekinetic abilities to use against the Trunchbulls in our lives after watching Matilda. We were equally as impressed by her capacity to read every book in the library and prepare a whole pancake breakfast on her own before she was even six as we were by her ability to make playing cards fly.


90s kids movies what results from the union of five magnificent Muses, a flying steed, a quick-witted villain, and blue fire hair? A work of art. It is practically impossible to dislike Hercules. It offers a master class in bravery and vocal gymnastics with its stylish aesthetics and vibrant array of characters. We adore the fact that Meg is not your conventional Disney princess but rather a self-described damsel in distress who is hunting for love everywhere but the right places. She more than deserves this enormous power ballad, just as we do, to see this fan favourite on Broadway (hint hint, Disney Theatrical).

The Parent Trap

90s kid’s movies The Parent Trap, unquestionably the best family movie ever made, is so expertly shot that you’d never guess it was produced in the 1990s. In one picture, there are two Lindsay Lohans? Though we’re still baffled by how they managed it, we’re appreciative that they did. Because it focused on family and the lengths we’ll go to keep them together, Hallie and Annie’s story is among the most relatable we grew up with. Of course, we enjoyed how they emulated Kevin McCallister with all those practical jokes, but what about those private family moments? That conclusion? Yes, they still bring us to tears. This love will endure forever. Bring on the sneaky handshake.


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