The Best Shoes in the 90s!

What shoes were popular in the 90s

90s shoes were intriguing. We had elegant small strappy sandals, but also bizarrely high-platform sneakers. There were clunky Docs and flashy, translucent jellies. You could literally study for a decade by focusing on the ankle down!

90s Shoes

90s Shoes

Best 90s Shoes

The following are the most popular shoes from the 1990s. It’s time to reminisce!

1. Jelly shoes

90s shoes Gummy-textured sandals with buckles and basket weave that are transparent and often shiny. You were fortunate to have the heeled jelly shoes. These fanciful foot confections were worn by everyone from toddlers to full-grown students.

How to Dress:

For a sophisticated-meets-playful look, pair jellies with cropped Ponte pants and a crisp white shirt.

Combine heeled jellies with denim overalls and a tank.

For a night out, pair heeled jellies with a satin bias-cut slip dress.

2. Steve Madden slides (‘slinky’)

90s shoes were a must-have for teens, tweens, and trendy adults. The platform sole is paired with a flexible black top and an open toe. Simple and clumsy. 90s.

How to Dress:

Dress it down with cropped jeans and a bodysuit or tucked-in top.

Put on a bias-cut midi skirt and a cotton ribbed tank.

Put on a silky slip dress and a cropped wrap cardigan (like Lorelai Gilmore)

3. Chunky Fila sneakers

90s shoes Fila’s The Disruptor 2 sneakers were extremely popular in the 1990s. They were worn by dads with jeans and fanny packs. They’d look great with denim midi skirts, overalls, tearaway track trousers, and crop shirts.

How to Dress:

For winter, pair with opaque tights and a cable little dress.

Wear with a white shirt and an ornamented skirt for a night out.

4. Adidas slides

Who didn’t have a pair of Adidas slides in their closet? Take a peek about the next time you’re out; you’ll undoubtedly spot a few as they return. Stripes in white and navy, occasionally with a velcro overlap.

Slides over socks are a unique look.

Combine with cropped jeans and a slouchy linen shirt.

5. Embellished mesh slides

These were popular in the early 2000s and the 1990s and could be purchased everywhere from high-end apparel boutiques to dollar stores. A mesh slide with a round toe and flowers made of sequin clusters.

How to Dress:

Wear a vibrant color with a simple wrap. Summer tiny dress

In the spring, pair it with high-waisted blue denim and a tucked-in white tank.

6. Doc Marten combat boots

Throughout the 1990s and beyond, rockers, grunge, and angsty teenagers donned Doc Marten (or off-brand) combat boots, frequently with plaid and tattered jeans. They were also mentioned in the poem “10 Things I Loathe About You” (“I hate your enormous dumb combat boots!”).

How to Dress:

Combine rough and sweet by wearing a bias-cut midi dress in flowery satin.

Pair with flared jeans and a fitting band tee (the 70s/90s mash-up!)

7. Spice Girl-style Buffalo Platform Sneakers

The Spice Girls perform in teeny, short costumes and sneakers with overly huge platform soles. A picture associated with 1990s pop culture. How did more ankles not break?!

How to Dress:

For safety and wearability, consider a creeper style or a somewhat smaller platform.

Platform sneakers look great with a sports-inspired little skirt and top.

Combine it with straight-leg jeans and a long-sleeved bodysuit.

8. Kitten-heel strappy sandals

Are you going to prom or a date in the 90s? You should wear strappy kitten heels with your double-layer slip dress. The heels must be short, and there must be plenty of straps.

How to Dress:

Wear a chiffon midi dress and a sequin bolero to go full 90s sweetheart.

For a night out, wear slender jeans and an embroidered off-the-shoulder shirt.

9. Chunky leather sandals by MIA

Consider the following: basket-woven leather, an open toe, a blocky heel, and an elevated sole. A buckle at the ankle secures the shoe, which is usually deep brown or black.

How to Dress:

For weekend outings, pair it with a floral sundress and a denim jacket.

For work, wear it with a sleek midi skirt and a crisp shirt and blazer.

10. Nike Air Force V

The chunky sneakers were the sixth iteration of the renowned baller shoes, which were first produced in the early 1980s. The AF Vs had high tops and a lot of street cred.

How to Dress:

In the winter, pair them with opaque tights and a denim wrap dress.

Wear with denim culottes and a white tank in the summer.

11. Clunky-heeled loafers

Rachel Green from ‘Friends’ was known to wear clunky heeled loafers with tiny skirts and tight tops. They weren’t elegant, but they were adorable and a little scholarly.

How to Dress:

Copy Wear with tights, a black mini, and a turtleneck sweater, Rach.

For work, pair it with a structured jumpsuit and blazer.

12. Platform flip-flops

Check out the ’10 things I despise about you’ poster, Gwen Stefani in the 1990s, and Rachel in early ‘Friends’ episodes and marketing images. Flip-flops with platform soles are frequently seen paired with Mom jeans or boot-cut pants. Is it hmm or mmm?

How to Dress:

Wear to a 90s pool party with a one-piece swimsuit, resort tee, and sarong.

Combine with straight-leg corduroys, a worn-in band tee, and a denim jacket.

13. Birkenstocks

Birkenstock sandals were used by supermodels at the Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis grunge presentation in 1993. The earthy, soft leather sandals were (and still are) grunge-meets-European-traveller and ageless.

How to Dress:

Combine it with a slip dress and a cropped bolero cardigan.

With Birks and ruffle-top socks, you’ll look like an actual 90s cute girl.

Combine with faded blue denim, a fitted racer-back shirt, and a khaki blazer.

14. Adidas Superstar sneakers

Run With the round toe, low top, and triple stripe, DMC made Adidas Superstars iconic. They’re still popular today, as seen in Rihanna, Zendaya, Jay-Z, and countless other celebrities.

How to Dress:

Wear with button-side track trousers and a basic tank for weekend errands.

For Saturday drinks, pair with cigarette pants and a cowl-neck satin top.

15. Heeled Mary-Janes

90s shoes The girls on ‘Clueless’ wore knee-high stockings, tiny skirts, and heeled Mary-Janes. Round toes, a glittering polish, blocky heels, and ankle straps are Delicate but feisty.

How to Dress:

For a lovely weekend brunch look, pair with opaque tights, an a-line little skirt, and a turtleneck sweater.

For a sweet-vs-edgy look, pair with raw-hem cropped denim and a worn-out graphic tee.

16. High-top lace-up boots with padded tops

90s shoes Angela from ‘My So-Called Life,’ as well as many real-life angsty teenagers, wore lace-up boots with high tops that reached the lower calf. They were extremely worn-in, a little sloppy, and appreciated day after day, regardless of the attire.

How to Dress:

For casual workdays, pair with tights and a dark denim midi-dress with a cropped leather jacket.

For weekends, wear with long-sleeved floral wrap mini and ribbed tights.

17. Knee-High Boots

90s shoes knee-high boots with a square toes were trendy. The Spice Girls and Hilary Banks (from ‘Fresh Prince’) were popular for wearing the style, frequently with tiny skirts or babydoll dresses.

How to Dress:

Pair with sheer stockings, a sleeveless shift dress, and a bolero cardigan to complete the look.

Wear yours with an a-line little skirt with a roll-neck bodysuit and an oversized blazer.


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